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Tango friends and contacts


Links to friends of The Tango Lesson, excellent resources and the best close-embrace social Tango

Examining Crops
Yoga with a View
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Supporting disadvantaged children through Tango since 2001

Supporting disadvantaged children in Argentina and Latin America since 2001 through the World Wide Tango Embrace -  building foster homes, schools, kindergartens & tertiary education in disadvantaged regions.  

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Milonguero Events in North America

Milonguero style Tango events, weekends and encuentros in North America


If you're serious about Tango

#1 quality Tango re-masteres for dancingfrom Canadian professional recording engineer and professional DJ, Keith Elshaw.  For DJ's and those who take their Tango seriously.

Plus, in-depth and in-house stories about the modern history of Tango music and dance.


Stories & Events from Europe and Worldwide

Tango events, stories, essays and resources in Europe and around the world.

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Tango events in Australia

A comprehensive guide to milongas, festivals, classes and more from around Australia in a readily accessible calendar and interactive map

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