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The Dance for Life Journey

John & Cheryl started dancing Argentine Tango in Australia and around the world in 1998.  We commenced teaching in 2003.  We are now based at the Gold Coast, Queensland.  

What Others Say


I have just returned to tango after a 20 year break and it’s just like picking up where I left off thanks to John and Cheryl. They are fantastic teachers with lots of tango knowledge and musicality to share. I love the close embrace tango style they teach. It’s beautiful to watch and dance, and a great way to meet new people and keep fit.


As a very new beginner to tango I was completely in the dark as to how beneficial the workshops would be......

I was pleasantly surprised at the completion of the first of the three workshops. Teaching was straight forward and down to the basics. There were many individual corrections with precise explanations on what to correct and how. This felt much like a private lesson. Both John and Cheryl knew the male and female roles precisely. Throughout this workshop, John and Cheryl shared their deep understanding of tango. They also shared many historical and cultural aspect of the dance.  Each successive workshop built on the previous.   We had a great time, made new friends and learnt the importance of getting the basics right. 

Richard and Shannon

Over The Years

Daniel Nacucchio to Cheryl after walking the length of the hall to say, "You are a very special dancer"

Miguel Zotto to John, "You walk very nicely" 

"I've been dancing in the milongas for 50 years and I want to tell you that you are a very beautiful dancer" - Unidentified milonguero, to cheryl, waiting at the door of Milonguita Milonga, Buenos Aires, 3 am.

“We want you to teach (Tango), because people need your inspiration”.  We love to watch you dance”. --Angelo

“Chris was really intimidated after doing the workshops with (visiting Argentine teacher) but after your class he is really enthusiastic to learn more.” -- Janelle

“We three absolutely loved last Wednesday night.  Sammy was quite overwhelmed at how different Tango is compared to Merengue. He is now very enthusiastic about learning Tango.  Chris and I learned a lot about Tango and loved your class.”

Janelle, Chris, Sammy(age 16).

“I was encouraged to take lessons with (well known female teacher) in Buenos Aires.  It was very military.  I much prefer your lessons”. -- Pam.

I just had the best lesson ever.  Cheryl & John are really great teachers” --

Vicki (visiting from Tasmania).

Dear Cheryl, Firstly let me say I am not a tango dancer but after seeing you dance last week in what I can only truthfully say to you, was a very moving and emotionally charged performance, you were both so beautifully and with dignity, reading each other. I can't wait to start learning tango (hopefully with you both) at the Italian Club this coming Thursday evening. Thank you once again Cheryl for opening my heart to what I see as a very new chapter of living. With kindness, J E-J

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