The Magic of Tango - Dancing in the Milongas
Foundation and Beyond the Basics Classes to get you dancing "Buenos Aires" Style
Sunday afternoons  - 4:30 - 6:30 pm
Bulimba Community Centre

What is Tango?

  • Tango is a social, improvised couple dance;

  • Tango is invitation and acceptance - it takes two to Tango;

  • Tango is sharing and caring;

  • Tango is an intense, emotional, introverted silent conversation;

  • Tango is dancing a feeling;

  • Tango is not a Latin dance, or static, like club or rock & roll - it is essentially a circular dance;

  • Tango music is varied and complex;

  • Tango is social, a place where anyone can come together to meet, greet and dance with friends.

  • Tango is addictive.

Tango takes time.  It is not "fast food".  It comes from a gentler age, where you can take the time and space to enjoy the moment, the company and the journey.  

What do we Teach

  • We concentrate on technique and feeling, rather than sequences. 

  • We use sequences to demonstrate possibilities, but don't expect them to be the same each time.

  • We emphasise the invite / accept conversation, connection with your partner, everyone in the room, and the music;

  • We will help you find your dance, responding to your partner, the music, the room and the vibe.  (It's a lot like learning your sport - practicing the technique and possibilities, but, once the game is on, responding in the moment).

You will Learn

  1. The fundamentals of social Tango, dancing comfortably in a close embrace with your partner, on a busy dance floor;

  2. The secret of the Tango "silent conversation" between two bodies, equally sharing, giving and taking time and space;

  3. The variety and special beauty of Tango music for dancing;

  4. The codes and history of Tango that lets you walk into any Tango milonga in the world.

WE prefer you to book as a couple or with a partner, but it's not essential.  The main reason is, we really don't want people waiting during the class and we are determined to attract more men to Tango (many love it after they start)

What is Buenos Aires Style?

Buenos Aires City Style Tango is a simple, gentle, but intense, emotional dance that concentrates on the connection and communication between dance partners and the all-important music.  It was distilled in the packed dance halls of the 1930s and 1940s.    It is a silent language; a conversation without words.  It is different from stage and demonstration styles in that it is a gentle dance with  no "show" elements for an audience.

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What is a Milonga?

A Milonga is a social Tango dance, where friends and dancers gather.  At it's height in the 1940's a Buenos Aires milonga would attracts hundreds of dancers; and on a weekend night there would be dozens of milongas, many with famous live bands.

Often a venue would hold a "matinee" from 6 - 11pm, with the main dance starting at midnight.

Nowadays it would be more common to kick off around 8 pm with a 3 am finish.

All participants will be asked to register with the Check-in Queensland App.  Under current Qld. guidelines, NO vaccination status is required.
Please book as a couple, or with a partner.  
Classes will be held in accordance with current Ausdance & Qld Covid-safe recommendations.

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Pay by Direct Bank Transfer or Credit Card

Class Schedule


Sunday afternoons commencing Sunday 17 July 2022

Class Times: 

Foundation Class - 4:30pm - Beyond the Basics - 5:30pm to 6:30pm


For beginners, transitioners & refreshers

ALL the basics.  

Tango starts with a hug.


  • The Tango embrace

  • Walk

  • Turns

  • Change direction

  • Pauses and interventions

  • Basic music interpretation

  • Dance to Tango, Vals & Milonga

  • The manners and culture of Tango

On Completion, you will be able to

  • Dance a Tango

  • Join the social milongas

  • Begin your Tango journey


A deeper dive into the world of Tango

  • Sharing space

  • The Tango conversation

  • Dance through the eras of Tango

  • Dance Tango canyengue

  • Dance vals

  • Dance milonga traspié & milonga liso

  • Guided practice with Q&A.

On Completion, you will:

  • Expand your Tango vocabulary, improvisation and interpretation;

  • Comfortably dance in a crowded milonga, including Buenos Aires milongas;

  • Take your Tango to a new level.



Foundation Class $20 per person
Beyond the basics $25 per person (includes both classes).

We require a 4 week advance commitment in order to hold the hall.  New beginners can pay for the first class to try out before committing to the 4 week block.  

No walk-ups.

Please book with a dance partner if humanly possible


What should I wear?

Why do I need a dance partner?


What should I wear?

Even though you do not need a regular partner at the social dance, we prefer if you can  come as a dance couple to our classes, in order to give you the best learning environment / experience and to maintain a Covid safe environment in these difficult times.

  • Comfortable clothes (skirt, dress, pants / tights, trousers, jeans, casual / polo shirt.

  • Shoes - leather or any non-grip soles.  Flexible is better than stiff. 

  • Heels for ladies, not clog heels and to a height that is comfortable for you, works best (believe us).

What should I bring?

  • A dance partner (if you can)

  • Water, mints and refreshments.

  • A hand towel


  • The hall is airconditioned.

  • Parking is limited, but ample street parking is available


If we are forced to defer or cancel due to Covid restrictions, or any other cause beyond our control, you will be given the option to defer to the next available date, or request a refund.  We will refund your full ticket price, less any booking fee.

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